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Founded in 2015, London Fractions was born from the vision of several passionate entrepreneurial individuals who wished to contribute to the London property market by introducing true fractional ownership. Through their own initiative, they created a dedicated service providing the opportunity to invest in prime luxury properties in the heart of our great city, featuring trophy addresses in the most highly sought-after locations for a fraction of the price.

London Fractions recognised that there were exciting opportunities to develop a stronger presence in today’s international real estate market. With a growing reputation and an expanding fractional ownership property portfolio, they have exceeded far beyond the United Kingdom and crossed international borders to Asia, the United States, UAE and Europe, creating an exciting alternative method of owning and investing in the capital.

The London Fractions team has an extensive background in all areas of business. This includes 15 years’ consultancy experience in the structuring, marketing and selling of fractional property in the US, Caribbean, Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia, as well as over 20 years’ experience in senior positions within corporate global industries leading management teams strategically and operationally. It is this experience which goes to support London Fractions in delivering a world-class service with a highly personalised customer-centric approach, providing a real lifestyle choice.

Fractional ownership is recognised in the US and major cities around the world for providing its owners with the security of an asset-backed investment, coupled with the benefits of periodic access to a fully-serviced luxury home at a fraction of the cost of full ownership.


A portfolio of beautifully luxurious and modern properties in London showcasing the stunning city views

Prime Locations

Luxury properties in prime locations around London, just short distances from many attractions within the city

Investment Opportunity

Purchase fractional shares in your ideal property, benefit from capital appreciation and a strong return on investment

Allow us to make your dream of owning a Fraction of prime London property a reality

Director’s Statement

London Fractions remains focused to deliver a robust, proactive fractional property service, growing our reputation to clients worldwide and developing a progressive commercial business network and culture. London Fractions was formed to provide a unique intelligent property ownership option within London, U.K, to a global consumer base who seek a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a second home ownership. London Fractions pursues to capitalize upon the world-wide interest in fractional property ownership as consumers continue to become increasingly aware of its many benefits over whole ownership. Education to consumers is key, ensuring that all options for purchasing a property are clearly visible and understood. Whilst fractional property ownership is growing in popularity throughout the world, there was a gap in the London market which we, London Fractions, has now filled.

Lee Scowen, London Fractions

Now everyone has the opportunity to invest in London